Codmetel: HP002100

Clamp meters for measuring earth resistance directly on earth rods (STAKELESS METHOD) and compatible with MacrotestG series meters

T2100 is a professional clamp specially developed to evaluate resistance of earth rods with no need to disconnect any part of the system.

The inner part of the device is made of 2 jaws, one for current reading and the other for voltage generation. The voltage jaws generate a potential (E) on the loop during resistance (R) measurement. A current (I) is consequently generated on the loop and is measured by the current jaws. Based on the value of parameters E and I, the instrument displays the resistance R value calculated as their ratio. The value measured by the device can be used in case the single rods do not influence each other. This device complies with standard IEC/EN61010-1 in CAT III 150V and it is the ideal solution for measurements to be carried out both in private and in industrial environments.

Direct measurement on earth probes without any cable interruption  
Serial interface RS-232 for connection to devices of Macrotest  
Internal memory for measured data saving 99 locations
LCD display  
Auto Power OFF  
Protection category CAT III 150V
Size (LxWx H) (mm) 293x90x66
Weight in grams (batteries included) 1300
  • IEC/EN61010-1
  • EMC: IEC/EN61326
  • IEC/EN61010-032
  • IEC/EN61010-2